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MentorCruise provides personalized mentorship by connecting passionate mentors with aspiring mentees.

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Hey everyone 👋🏼 MentorCruise turned into an idea when I graduated from Udacity about a year ago. Udacity students have access to a long-term mentor, which will guide them through the 6 to 9-month long journey of a Nanodegree. However, after you graduate, the mentor is gone. Young people need mentoring. It helps them reach their goals and feel confident about their skills. It’s also a good tool for networking and getting to know people. However, finding a mentor is hard. The people you adore might not have the time or will to mentor you. Most people do not have access to a mentor in their school or at their workplace, especially if their goal is to change careers. MentorCruise solves this problem by formally connecting mentor and mentee through a marketplace. From the beginning, it is clear if the mentor is ready for mentorships and which services they want to provide. Right now, we have about 20 mentors available in the areas Business, Engineering and Design. Check it out!
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