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I actually made something like this as an SMS bot a couple months ago. Although long pieces of text didn't work so well for bot responses and I have VERY limited technical skills. I may transfer all the info I collection and turn it into a Facebook bot/Slackbot - stay tuned ;) Where does all this advice come from?
@bentossell this is all the wisdon lost on twitter, medium, conferences and many other sources. we basically distill the essence from all of it and provide in an easy to digest form telegram, messenger, app - all coming soon
@bentossell Hi Ben ) The advice comes from books, interviews, videos, social media — we research all of these and pick the best actionable advice trying to keep them as short as possible.
We built MentorBot to give teams actionable advice on growth hacking, product, investors, company culture and other crucial topics right in your Slack. What MentorBot can do for you and your team: - Post relevant advice to specific channels. For example, you can subscribe your #design channel to ”Design“ topic, and your #product team — to ”Product“. - Give links to grasp context - Keep you updated on hot industry topics with matching advices Like our fellow entrepreneurs outside SV we don’t have access to prominent mentors. That’s why we built, where we offered curated advice by successful founders, investors, and experts. With the new bot, you can instantly get context-aware advice, share it with your team, and get smarter.
@mishalyalin I small bit of advice, the plural of advice is advice… :-) You might want to fix your website.
Dope idea!
Great idea! I just installed it and going to test ;) Why are we limited to 3 topics @bentossell? I would like to receive advice about more than 3 topics :)
@alchorro Hi Anne-Laure! We did some testing and we found out that focus is key when you're trying to, well, focus on a particular topic :) Besides, you're not really limited — you can subscribe different Slack channels to different (relevant) topics. And more customisation options are coming, of course.
@alchorro dont know what you mean by limited to 3 topics?
@bentossell you can subscribe each slack channel only to 3 topics, there is a limit set.
Is this like RSS, or does it take in any inputs? How does it choose when to post? Contextless/unsolicited tips seem like information overload, and another distraction. I would like to see a bot like this which uses the specific stage/type of company to filter and schedule this kind of advice.
@tombielecki It's up to you to choose posting schedule, and topics for each channel, so you get advice on product development in your #product channel, for example. We'll make it more context-aware in the upcoming releases; right now we calculated the number of advices to be as comfortable as possible.