Mento Cam 3.0

A stand-alone front/back video, photo and emoji camera

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AtivMaker@ativslife · Designer
1/2 of Mento here, happy to answer any and all questions. Mento was started just over a year ago as a side project. Mento Cam is a distilled and refined version of our first iterations. We really focused on our users' feedback and their heavy interactions in our app, our custom camera. In Mento Cam, we actually cut out over 60% of our previous product to create the most frictionless experience as possible. You don't need an account to create a mento, instead you open up straight to the camera. The goal with standalone was to allow you to open the camera, jump and start recording without missing a moment. We've found a variety of use cases, but have the seen strongest usage when users are at an event and want to capture both sides of a moment (i.e. a concert, birthday party, etc.).