Mention Monitoring Academy

Grow your company with free 8-week course from top B2B SaaS

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Growing your business is as simple just listening - provided you know how. Monitoring can help you build your product, expand your reach, sell more, and help customers better. Learn how the top B2B SaaS companies have use monitoring for success in their business. Each week, one expert will show you just what they did and how you can adapt the strategies for your own business growth. Lesson teachers include experts from CloudPeeps (@ShannnonB), Mailjet (@denisechan26), CoSchedule (@njellering), General Assembly (@goekp), Simply Measured (@ashleyennis), Workable (@_roblong), Instapage (@dustiarab) and (@lethargarian).
@guillaumecabane Great idea, sounds extremely interesting.
@illaigescheit @guillaumecabane Glad to hear it, Illai! Hope you'll join us!
@guillaumecabane and @brittanyberger, I don't see you in the list... Can we learn how Mention is using Mention to grow their business? ;) Anyway, I'm signing up!
@claireemiliel Great idea! We've been meaning to do a blog post with that exact title (you mind reader, you) - maybe we'll include it as a bonus lesson for you at the end of the course. :)
@bberg1010 @claireemiliel Can't wait to read this one ^^
@claireemiliel Ha! I'm to shy to post amongst such experts:) Seriously, great idea. Maybe we could do one on how eFounders handles Monitoring for product / market fit ? ;)
@guillaumecabane @claireemiliel Yes! I totally want eFounders in here now. :) That's a great topic addition! Claire, I'll email you and Rachel later. ;)
great stuff! :)
@ramin thanks Ramin!
This looks awesome, just signed up!
@liamgooding Glad to have you enrolled, Liam!
Mention is my favourite real-time media monitoring tool. I've been using it for 2 years. Great work!:)