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Cyril CodronMaker@cyrilcodron · Product Manager @ Mention
Thanks @tiboel! We’re really excited about how the new insights center lets our customers take control of their monitoring data. One of the coolest things we’ve done for them yet! If you’re using media monitoring to build and protect your brand, you’re probably sitting on a ton of information. Millions of mentions from social media, forums, and the web. You need to make sense of all that data without an army of number crunchers, and in a way that makes sense for you or your client. Because every brand is different. The KPIs that work for one client probably won’t for another. But then what happens when you’re using analytics tools that are limiting and inflexible? We built the insights center to let our users control their data visualizations. You pick the metric, the graph type, and everything else, so that you can get the insights you need to make better brand decisions. Some of the things you can do with it: - Create custom graphs using your most important KPIs - Choose from several custom chart types to best represent your data - Quickly zoom in and out between big picture views and individual data points It’s only our first step in making media monitoring analytics flexible and customizable, and can’t wait to show you what else is coming. In the meantime, we can’t wait to hear your comments and feedback. Let us know what you think, hunters!
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
@cyrilcodron Yay, it looks so great! Y'all did an awesome job! 🙌 I can't wait to see what everyone else here thinks today!
Joei Chan@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@cyrilcodron @tiboel Yasss - this was an amazing team effort!
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
YES! I love the complete redesign and ability to customize graphs and nearly the entire platform. I'm a firm believer in each brand requires very different measurable metrics and this is an amazing first step in the right direction! Diving into the right piece of data is huge to not send a brand and manager down the rabbit-hole of general metrics. 📈 Great job Mention Team!
Joei Chan@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@as_austin YES, Austin! *highfive*
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
@as_austin You could not be more on point about that rabbit hole of metrics. 🙌 It's not enough to be able to see the data you need to, you need to be able to *focus* on it, and this lets you do that without getting distracted by irrelevant metrics. :)
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
Super excited to be part of this! I'm NOT a numbers person and frankly, they can be scary. Being able to choose which format / view I look at stats in lets me choose what I'm comfortable with. Can't wait to see what you all think of this as well! We're here to answer your questions all day. :)
Cara Hogan@carahogan27 · Content Marketing Strategist @Zaius
I'm a bit of a Mention fangirl, and I'm definitely loving this new dashboard. This will be super helpful for me as a content marketing manager.
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
@carahogan27 So glad to hear it!!
Joei Chan@joeei · Head of Content @Linkfluence
@carahogan27 You're using Mention for content marketing?
Ann Smarty@seosmarty · Brand and Community Manager
I've used a lot of monitoring solutions and I can say that Mention finds things others are missing! Thumbs up!
Brittany Berger@thatbberg · Content Marketing Strategist & Writer
@seosmarty Thanks so much Ann! Coming from you that means so much!