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Hi, my name is Martin, I'm a CS student from Germany and developer behind Mentio. Feel free to ask any question, there are also 3 promo codes left if somebody is interested in.
Welcome, @mhaddl! :) I'd love to hear why you built the app. What's your motivation?
Today there a hundreds of great movies, LPs and awesome Apps but (especially as a student) you do not always have the money to buy it right away. I needed a way to collect all those wishes so I can buy them when my wallet is ready, or someone got me an iTunes gift card. ;) This is the reason why I developed Mentio. Maybe others have a similar problem and this App helps them a bit.
Nice. Tackling a personal pain is usually a good way to start. :) @mhaddl - Did you interview other people or measure the demand for this app in some other way before building it?