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Hey there Product Hunt! While working as a freelancer I came across a lot of companies that are struggling with social media. The problem with actively maintaining social accounts is both time and inspiration - with Mentia we try to solve that problem. We show what content works best on any topic so companies get insights in what their audience likes. Feedback or ideas on improving the software is of course very welcome, thanks! :)
@roelnd hey man. Love the main concept. is not very clear in the page how many social media platforms you incorporate in your dashboard... can you tell me more?
@gabrielmachuret @roelnd yes how many FB pages & Twitter profiles etc can you manage ?
@gabrielmachuret @roelnd thanks Gabriel! For now the dashboard is about finding content for 1 company. So you can link the social accounts of your company to Mentia to be able to get/share content. Social networks we currently support are Twitter, Facebook + LinkedIn (sharing only), Google+ and Instagram.
@roelnd Make sure to add your web app on WebMenu and get verified.
@ijustmadethise @roelnd done, cool site. thanks for the heads up.

App works for twitter..OAUTh errors connecting facebook. Cannot share out any info. Absolutely no response from any email or in app support.


content is good, layout is not bad


its dead? no support, nothing.