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Hello Product Hunters! My name is Frank and I’m one of the founders of Mentat, along with Saad and Zaid. You can use Mentat to search for jobs and get help refining your resume, cover letters, and applications from industry experts. We built Mentat to help jobseekers have the best chance possible of landing a job they want! Would love to hear your thoughts and here to answer any questions you have :)
@fy822 Hi Product Hunters! I'm Saad, another maker of Mentat. We're shocked every day that almost half of college graduates in America are under-employed, and are excited to solve this problem by building tools that make it easier for people to find jobs and delivering different levels of of job-seeking expertise to users in a scalable way. Would love to get your feedback!
@fy822 Do you guys aggregate your content from any sites other than indeed?
@fy822 This looks pretty interesting. What does a money back interview guarantee mean?
@cellus_christie Hi Cellus! We use Indeed as a starting point, but we encourage our customers to start first by listing companies they admire -- we then offer the service of applying to those jobs on their behalf automatically (up to 30 listings)! Postings are so fragmented, so the intent is to create a career management tool to help jobseekers get organized.
@andrewjiang We're confident our product increases our users' hit rates, so we've guaranteed a job interview (for a type of role you're targeting) within 60 days or your money back!
Mentat provides exceptional service with high quality. Thanks for eveything Frank, Michelle & Mentat Team! Keep it up!
@juangmrtz Thanks for the feedback - was awesome working with you!
Hey guys! What makes you guys different from the typical job site - LinkedIn, etc.?
@peter_park Hey Peter! Our aim is to de-stress the job search. We take all the writing, tweaking, and form-filling off your plate -- all those job boards make you do the work!
Is this targeted to college students or professionals of all levels?
@yepitsaaron Hey Aaron, the majority of our users are mid-career (25-35) looking for a position with more growth opportunities or a potential industry switch. Cheers.