Social news reader. News from the people you trust.

Mendo surfaces the most-shared links from people you choose, along with their commentary. It’s simple, sane social media – by and for real humans.

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We are Tom and Justin (well, just Justin at the moment, Tom coming soon). So much is broken about how we get our news on the internet: - Too much noise - Too many trolls - Too realtime/addicting - Too many complicated algorithms - Not enough trust Yet, there is tons of great (and important) content, and as humans, we need to find healthy ways to stay connected without going insane. This is why we built Mendo. Mendo is a new, radically-simple take on social sharing. It's built around discovering links. Follow the people you trust, and links they share will queue up, along with their commentary. Your queue is sorted by most-shared, so the best links always come first. The news you see is surfaced and commentated by the smart, insightful people that *you* trust – not by algorithms or anonymous curators. We connect through Twitter to pull in the people you follow and the links they are sharing. This means you have content right away. Mendo is not real-time. It's not addictive. You can let it sit for a few days – the best stuff queues up. We send a daily email of the five top-shared links, so you can stay in the loop even if you need to take a break from Twitter. (You can get the email digest even if you don't have iOS.) It's super early for us and we have huge changes coming soon, but we're hoping to get some early users through ProductHunt to help give us feedback and guide our roadmap. Please let us know what you think!
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