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Elizabeth S Hunker@elizabethhunker · EIR @ vLAB
Obviously a very noble goal, and thankfully science / data driven. I noticed "6 months free", what is the monetization policy afterwards? @healthmendel @galilkarim
Karim GalilMaker@galilkarim · CEO, Mendel Health
@elizabethhunker @healthmendel It is a subscription model, as long as the patient feels he needs more matches and options. Unlike any other player, we decided not to depend on pharma to be in a position where we can guarantee unbiased recommendations. Its not that much, costs as much as a netflix subscription, but the monetization comes after years of accumulating data, mining this data and identifying new cancer biomarkers.
Karim GalilMaker@galilkarim · CEO, Mendel Health
Mendel uses artificial intelligence to help connect cancer patients to the latest in precision medicine. We are happy to get your feed back and answer your questions.
Marcin Michalak@marcin_michalak
I definitely support your amazing product ! It can help so many people in need ! Wish you good luck and keep on going !
Karim GalilMaker@galilkarim · CEO, Mendel Health
@marcin_michalak Thank you! Please help spread the word and share!