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5 personally selected items of clothing, buy what you love.

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Maia Bittner
ex-engineer turned fintech nerd
It's like StitchFix for men!
Tyler CoffeyProduct Manager at Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix is actually launching a men's line: I'm curious to see if there are any differentiators. I think these kinds of services are a cool way to shop.
Cole TurnerSoftware Engineer
At first I thought the $20 renewal unit fee was alright until I saw the keep pricing: Shirts: $75-$135 Tees & Henleys: $35-$55 Sweaters: $80-$140 Pants: $90-$170 Shoes: $80-$220 Blazers & Outerwear: $280-$600 Accessories: $30-$60 It's definitely on the upper-end.