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Hello hunters! We’re beyond excited to finally launch Memory after living in a cave for the past few months. Memory is built for two things; 1) Rid the world of manual time tracking. Let the robots take care of it! And 2) Give you a lot of insight into how you spend your day. I have definitively made changes to how I organise my day because of it. One of the things we spent the most time on is that we show the _actual_ time spent working on something. This doesn’t just show how long the window was active, like rescuetime does. Happy to answer any questions! :)
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@matmik Sounds great! I am using Timely with my team and it is a fantastic tool, so much more convenient than Toggl and so much better looking. No one likes time-tracking but it is often required so it is important that the time-tracking tool does not stand in your way. Keep on rocking!
@matmik I've been Timely user for quite a while, and I love the inclusion of knowing what I've been doing for that! I've also been a big rescuetime user, especially to find out my other 'habits'. Do you have plans for extensive data export/API features like Rescuetime has? Or would that go beyond the scope of Memory/timely?
@kees_romkes no, going into that direction with Memory is actually part of our plan. We want to help people use this data to learn more about themselves, so we're actively looking at ways for how to achieve it, for example like you suggested.
@skreutzb so happy to hear that, Seb! We completely agree! Do reach out if you need anything.
@matmik unbelievable! I've been voraciously searching for a rescue time and timecamp alternative recently! I'm psyched to see how this works with the apps I use! A thought, ever considered mobile integration? I.e. "spoke on the phone with John Smith for 24 mins". Would be great for tracking other tasks that may be relevant to business contacts.
@douglasevaristo Haha! Invitation sent! 😂
@matmik any chance I can get a spin as well? Was just going to evaluate if my rescue time premium sub is worth it for me 😉 http://www.timelyapp.com/memory?...
@douglasevaristo If you go to the features page, you should be able to sign up without having to wait on the beta list. ;) [Edit] Nevermind, I'm an idiot haha.
For a few moments I was happy. :(
Rock on! This is the future — can already imagine how productive my work-life will get with this.
@lasserafn thanks for the nice comment, Lasse! 👊
Looks amazing. I love the idea of the eliminating the tedium of time tracking and also how readable the output looks.
@hexsprite you wouldn't believe the amount of time we spent pouring through data to hide as much noise as possible and make the end result a readable timeline you can comprehend :) Anyhow, glad to like it!
Is it, somehow, an alternative to Toggl?
@artur_arseniev Of course! It's _the_ alternative to Toggl :) If you head to the frontpage (https://timelyapp.com/), you can learn more about the timesheet part of Timely.
@matmik Great, because my experience with Toggl is not exactly what I was expecting, so, I'll definitely try it and hope to drop some useful feedback
@artur_arseniev being an avid user of both, I can highly recommend Timely over Toggl; especially when having to take care of bigger amounts of projects and working with multiple people. Last big plus, mobile app 🤙🏻
@kees_romkes thanks for the tip 👍
@kees_romkes @artur_arseniev thanks for the nice reply, Kees! Artur, looking forward for the feedback :)