Memora Health

An AI-powered health coach in your pocket

Memora Health is a virtual care manager that helps clinicians identify high-risk patients, increase capacity, and deliver a world-class patient experience.

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Hey Product Hunt Community! My name is Nisarg, I’m the CEO and Cofounder of Memora Health. We started Memora Health with the mission of creating a simple, but powerful, tool to help patients dealing with the difficulties of managing chronic disease feel supported at home. While interviewing underserved patients in medical school, it was heartbreaking to see many receive top-flight care in teaching hospitals, yet go home to an environment where they struggled to manage their condition. As a result, I’d often see the same patients return to the hospital just days after they were discharged. Today, we're excited to announce the first step in our mission - Felix! Felix is an AI-based virtual health coach that guides patients with chronic disease through a 16-week lifestyle coaching program via SMS, sends them helpful reminders and information about their medications, answers treatment questions, and allows their loved ones to track their progress and well-being, alerting them when it detects that something might be amiss. Read more about our mission here: We chose SMS as our medium to help our product reach populations traditionally underserved by health and wellness apps. While many of the patients I saw in the hospital didn’t use the latest and greatest smartphones, they still loved texting their grandkids! You can get started with Felix and the Memora Health platform for free here: Our team will be on PH all day today chatting with you all and answering questions and comments! While we're excited to share this with you, it's still the beginning of our mission, and we have a lot of updates coming through the pipeline to both improve the fidelity of Felix and help patients, caregivers, physicians, and researchers bring high-quality, preventive, value-based care to chronic disease management. We hope you’ll share this and give us feedback to help us expand the reach of health care to many who often fall through the cracks.
Great launch @nxpatel and @mnvsevak! Super cool product and a great team backing it! I'm excited for you guys!
@nxpatel @shardulg23 Thanks Shardul, appreciate the support!
Hey everyone! My name is Manav, I'm one of the co-founders of Memora Health! We're super excited to release our platform on PH today and are hoping to hear any feedback you may have. Just some general information: 1) While our product is targeted towards individuals with chronic disease, it also serves the purpose of intelligently helping anyone who may simply be taking some over-the-counter or prescription medications at any time or even individuals who are interested in enrolling in a 16-week weight loss program. We've developed comprehensive programs for Type 2 Diabetes, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Post-Operative Care, and Medication Adherence. Feel free to try out any (or all!) of these programs for free from our home page. 2) One of our core principles is grounding any and all of our interventions in clinical data. So far, we've seen a very promising 87% long-term patient engagement rate from our first couple hundred patients. Additionally, we're currently in the process of running a readmissions validation study along with Emory Department of Surgery, for which you can find more details here: There's a very strong literature base, on top of our own user and outcomes data, that supports the nature of our interventions and you can find just a few of these on our Outcomes page. Once again, we really appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts! We wouldn't have made it this far without folks from this community and we hope that you continue to engage to help us build a tool that truly makes healthcare more abundant and accessible for the populations that need it the most. :) UPDATE: Wowza that was a lot more traffic than we expected! Our signup form is temporarily down, we'll have fix up ASAP! Sorry for the technical issues :(
UPDATE: Signups are temporarily fixed! Unfortunately, it requires one extra step (fill out a short google form for us and we'll manually make your account) but we're working diligently to get the original form up and running again! Once again, sorry for the issue and thank you so much for all of your support, we love you <3
UPDATE 2: Hey folks, happy to announce that our registration form is fixed, up, and running once again! Thank you so much for the love, our team is eternally grateful <3