Automatic knowledge discovery and sharing for Slack

Memonia automatically finds and memorises useful Q&A and factual messages in your Slack channels. It provides automatic knowledge sharing as well, identifying common and repetitive questions and automatically finds appropriate answers or users who might help.
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Alex Zolotenkov
Co-founder at Memonia
Good day, Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ Abdulla and Alex is here, co-founders at Memonia. We've published here our product too and eagerly looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions. We've invested 10 months of our life making this product, training neural network models, testing them and retraining them again and again πŸ˜… Not everything worked as we planned yet, and we still working hard to improve our knowledge discovery models for conversations πŸ”¨ If it sounds interesting for you, you might also read our blog, where we described how you may use our product right now: Here's how Memonia can help you with team knowledge management: βœ”οΈ Automatically finds and memorises useful Question & Answer (Q&A) pairs and messages describing some facts in your channels; βœ”οΈ Provides knowledge sharing, identifying common and repetitive questions and automatically finds appropriate answers using discovered knowledge; βœ”οΈ Gives you a hint whom of your teammates might help to answer your questions. βœ”οΈ Provides you simple tools to create and search knowledge yourself. βœ”οΈ Makes a periodic digest to cheer up your most helpful teammates and support your team spirit. Pricing Try it for free. Supported languages English Feel free to ask us anything regarding our product and experience.
Hrishikesh Pardeshi
Co-founder & CTO at Remote Tools
Wow! This looks very promising. Will give it a try! You may also consider posting this on :)
@hrishikesh1990 Thank you for your response. We will definitely look at soon.
Would love to have a version of this that would be active only on the channels that I point it at! Makes for easier testing in large organisations like mine – didn't expect it to start engaging with all the posts in all the public channels of my workspace! =\
@pvicnan We're really sorry that you have this experience and really understand your issue. Fortunately, we've made it possible already. Have a look at our guide ( There is a particular command you might want to try: '/memonia disable all' and use '/memonia enable' in those channels you want to point at. We will glad to hear any other response you might have and any feedback is important to us to make those changes.