Memoji Keyboard

Send animated emojis of yourself

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Hey PH, creator here. I made this because this is way more expressive and personal than a simple cartoon emoji. I was also pretty unsatisfied with Apple's "racially diverse" emojis and how some of the races turned out. But mostly because it's just really, really fun to use. Enjoy!
memoji is better integrated with the with the way i text, almost feels like Apple designed it on their own. much easier to use imo.
This is awesome. Way better than the new emojis and it's actually easier to use than most gif keyboards. Great work!
Aw man, Imoji needs to get on this keyboard biz. Given the choice between these two apps I'd go for Imoji, purely on how pretty their emoji are.
@andknf Memoji is animated rather than a still photo, so there's no squiggly cropping. But I'll see if I can incorporate elements of this somehow. Thanks for the feedback!
@johnnylin they're certainly different media and I have hope for animated stuff - I think the difference i'm picking up on is just that there's a little more polish in the Imoji? It's hard to quantify. The app has a distinct and wonderful character. Sorry for the super vague feedback, but as I'm sure you know, when personal expression is the goal, it's hard to express what the heck is responsible for 'personality' - especially a compelling one.
@andknf haha thanks for the detailed response. actually, the app looks a bit different from the marketing materials (it uses a more subtle gray border rather than the distracting blue now) because i didn't have a chance to update it, give it a shot -- maybe you'll like it :)
so, you're saying I can finally get my burrito emoji?