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一周 App 派评 | 近期值得关注的 9 款应用 - 少数派我们整理了近期值得关注的 9 款应用,一起看看有没有你关注的 App。 第 77 届金球奖刚刚落下帷幕,你是否又种草了一批想看的电影呢?想要在第一时间观看到想看的电影作品,又没有精力一直关注电影的上映情况,这时候你就需要 Kernel 帮你追踪电影的动态了。 Kernel 是一款电影作品追踪工具,你只需要将感兴趣的电影加入追踪列表,应用会在上映前的 100 天、50 天、30 天、14 天、7 天、2 天、1 天和首映日向你发送通知,让你能及时地做好购票和观影规划。除了院线电影外,Kernal 还支持追踪流媒体和实体版电影碟片的发行时间,即便错过了院线首映、也不会错过精彩内容。 Kernel 为每部电影提供了剧情简介、演员索引和剧照,你可以借助这些信息对影片做一些简单的了解。此外,Kernel 还有独立写作团队在 Blog 一栏中为你带来最新策划的电影报道,比如这届金球奖的获奖名单。 比较遗憾的是,应用虽然支持简体中文,但并不支持国内的电影作品。Kernel 目前仅支持美国、英国、澳大利亚等 11 个国家或地区的电影作品追踪服务,身处国内的我们也可以用 Kernel 了解自己希望的作品的剧情、演职员信息等,也可以通过开发团队的博客文章了解到更多作品背后的故事。 你可以在 App Store 免费下载 Kernel,应用包含 18 元内购,解锁后可以去除广告及更换应用图标。 Tweetbot 因其强大的过滤功能而备受好评,但手动设置过滤规则的门槛比较高。Nighthawk 是一款同样支持时间线过滤功能的 Twitter 第三方客户端,应用内置了过滤规则,你不需要手动设置也能获得一个清爽的时间线。 Nighthawk 目前支持屏蔽转推、屏蔽客服问答、防剧透和屏蔽政治话题等 6 项规则。你还可以将特定账户添加到「Closed Friend」里实现类似「特别关注」的效果,「Close Friends」列表不会受主页过滤规则的影响。 作为早期版本,Nighthawk
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Hey everyone! I have been uploading my text based notes to Github one day, not to lose them, then the idea struck! After few months, and more than few cups of coffees. I finished making Memo App today, and would like to share it with you! Memo App is a plain note taking app, that syncs your sheets with your own Github gists. 🎈 - You can use it on browser, or download the desktop app. - Use it offline save your changes, push these changes later when you are online. - Get insights into every line; like write-good, image and link previews, conversions, calculations and more to come. - Drop down your text files to import or export your files in markdown with one click! - And it is open source! What you shouldn't expect from Memo App? 🤷‍♂️ - It is plain, really plain, no different font sizes, no italic, not even bold. It is not designed to be a rich editor. - Not targeted towards average user. You need to login with GitHub and you "push" your changes, or "pull" them like a version control system. - It is still in beta, so be aware of data loss (even though you can see your revisions) and basic bugs that might irritate you! I have been using Memo App myself for the last month, and it is a great way to collect your thoughts, ideas. Write down important things you would like to visit later. Please share your feedback to help me make it better, It is also open source. You can find the repo link on the website.
@buraktokak Implement markdown
Simple, basic and live saver app. Everything is looks simple. First you start using memo it can be look complex. But don't worry. U learn almost everything in 5 mins. Give a chance to memo, cuz it deserves
@burak_kara thank you for the kind words friend :)
Neat idea of using GitHub gists + nice UI 👍
@malczak Thank you Matt :) I was also amazed that there was no app doing that!
@buraktokak I was experimenting with a note taking app using S3 for storage. But using Gists looks like a hustle free idea for data storage
Simple and useful app. I liked project, UI, browser app, all of it.
@diamant Cheers friend!
Love the UI. This is the good example of how the UI should look like.
@champsu greeting ty for the comment!