Simple and elegant notes app on your Mac

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Top notch icon! Not at a Mac and the website doesn't have much information though. What's this have that doesn't? I see that you can lock some notes behind TouchID.
@jonzhan From the App Store description: "[...] The Memo app supports rich text in dozens of font families. Is your computer a shared one, or public space? Create a Memo password and choose the memos you want to lock. Locking a memo keeps it displayed on the screen but hides the content until you unlock it. Additional features include: - Touch Bar Support - Unlock memos even more quickly using Touch ID - Sync memos across Macs via iCloud sync - Set memos to auto-lock after a set interval"
Looks great, but just sticking (no pun intended) to using the built-in Best of luck.
Great app will download this.