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This all is interesting and is all about HR. It allows employees to report issues / problems without the fear of public scrutiny within the org, giving management, leadership and employees visibility into what is causing problems.
Wow. Cool Jonathan. Thanks for posting us! We're a collective of 12 people who are trying to make work a little more human. We've been testing with about 10,000 people in beta and just released. So far we're pretty stoked about the quality of the conversations in the community. Anyway, happy to answer any questions!
Used and monitored correctly, something like this can be a great help, particularly at a big organization. Years ago, my former company had a 1.0 version of this where you could send an anonymous email to leadership by filling out a web form. The questions would be answered on the company intranet once a month. Worked really well as a way of making information transparent to folks who weren't high up the corporate ladder.