An app-less way to share photos w/ friends and family

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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Neat idea! Create an event, share the event's phone number, and simply text message photos to create a shared album. I like the idea of eliminating the friction of downloading yet another app and the ubiquity of text (MMS) ensures everyone can participate. cc @mulligan EDIT: this could also be cool for large groups -- think concerts or festivals.
Justin McNally@j_mcnally · Maker
@mulligan @rrhoover Absolutely, great idea about the concert / festival. Basically we want to make it easy to share photos as a group. Groups can be 2 people or thousands of people. Even things like tech conferences could use this as sort of a shared photo blog or something along those lines.
John MurchHunter@johnmurch · Developer/Marketer
Also the "stream" could easily double as a way to showcase current photos. Just imagine a wedding/party/etc. with a raspberry pi and/or ipad with the URL open and showing the latest picture. They could easily create a /showcase where it's designed more for TV/projectors.
Abram Dawson@abramdawson · Principal, SV Angel
Great idea -- this is awesome
Justin McNally@j_mcnally · Maker
Thanks for the feedback guys, we are pretty excited to be launching today. Our vision is that while apps are great, they often add a barrier to entry especially with family members. For instance my parents are middle of the road tech savvy people, they understand enough to check email and send picture messages, but trying to introduce them to things like Photo Stream or Instagram hashtags would be a lot. The other problem with those solutions is that its really hard to make sure people all use the same tag or grouping. This allows them the simplicity of just having a phone number for an event and they can just use MMS, its pretty easy since they already text. One of the other big wins is in the case of a wedding or something like that, you would need to have an app, get everyone to download it, have them enter some sort of code for your event and then make sure your are using that app to upload photos. While this is straight forward the barrier to entry of getting even 100 people to download an learn to use a new app the day of event is enough that people give up and just don't use it. Memms sets out to solve that problem by giving everyone a way to collaborate and share photos through an interface they've probably already been using for 10 years.
John MurchHunter@johnmurch · Developer/Marketer
Awesome stuff - Any plans for vanity 800 numbers for setup? Would be ideal to include the date for weddings, and wish I got to use this at my wedding a few months back, so easy and awesome - love the #noapp approach :)
Justin McNally@j_mcnally · Maker
@johnmurch Yeah i mean twilio lets us ask for things in phone numbers, they dont even need to be 800 numbers. Basically as part of the api when we request a # we can say, show me numbers that include 081115 or something like that, this is a great idea, and maybe even something that could be a premium feature. Another item on our road map is a public feed. Basically we would have a shortcode or generic phone number and when you send a picture to it, it shows up on a public profile type of page.