Enhance your video conferences and live streams

Enhance your video conferencing and live streams using filters and effects, whether you are using Zoom, WebEx, Hangouts, Messenger or any other. Retouch your video, improve your lighting, add effects and more.
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This looks cool Inigo! It's macOS support in your roadmap? Btw, I am a fan of your shaders work! 🤗
We decided to create Memix because of our love for realtime computer graphics, shaders/procedural content, AND because of the bad lighting most of us broadcast ourselves in during our VC meetings!
That's amazing. I wish there was a way to add a background imaga a la Zoom style,
@heni_hazbay Hi, you can right now, but you need a green screen behind you. Go to the "Background" filter and select any image you want. We'll have automatic background segmentation soon so you no longer will need a green screen.
What's your business model?