Memex 2

Bookmarking for power users. History search & annotations

Tired of too many open tabs, bookmark chaos and scattered notes?
⭐️Full-Text search your history to re-find any website without saving anything upfront.
⭐️Organise websites with highlights, notes, tags & lists.
⭐️Offline-First, Encrypted Sync, Open-Source.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Product Hunt People, we are back! :) Memex 2 launches including its mobile app for iOS and Android. After our launch of Memex 1.0 last year we were able to raise 200k to overhaul Memex and build our first mobile app. This crowd has substantially contributed both as users and also financial supporters. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ As a big thank you for enabling our journey we want to give you all a 50% discount on the Memex Pro plan. That's less than 1€ per month! Just use the Coupon Code "ProductHunt" in the checkout process. It's valid until June 15 - and there is a 14 days trial period. We know there are still some bugs here and there. We are continuously improving the product and push updates on a weekly basis. You can follow feature updates and bug fixes on 😍 What got better: ⌾ Offline-first mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can save content on the go, and view, edit your collections & notes ⌾ End2End encrypted + WebRTC supported sync between your devices ⌾ Improved annotation UX (faster saving and display (-3000%), dedicated highlighter) ⌾ Tag or list all open tabs ⌾ New Dashboard UI ⌾ 85% less resource usage ⌾ Tons of bug fixes 🏁 In development: ⌾ Reader version of websites & mobile offline reading ⌾ Mobile Annotations ⌾ Zapier-like API to import/export your data & integrate with other apps ( ⌾ PDF Annotations 💫Our product and fundraising ethics: We are an open-source project and are proud to be funded entirely without selling private equity or VC money. Instead we are funded through grants and an investment model called "Steward Ownership". It ensures that the company can never be sold and our investors are rewarded with a capped profit share. This way we create an incentive structure that optimises our company for staying a great & long-term sustainable service not for maximising growth & shareholder profits to the expense of your privacy, provider freedom or attention. More about this: It was incredibly difficult to raise money with this uncommon investment model. We made it this far, but we are not in the safe-zone yet. This launch will be important to get us on track to financial independence and stability. Even if you don't use Memex yet, but want to see the world we try to contribute to, consider supporting via and let us know in the forums how to improve Memex for you. ( Your continued support is invaluable to finance an independent alternative to the current paradigms of building digital services ❤️❤️❤️ If you feel like contributing to our development to make Memex better for you and the other users, we are happy to welcome you in our team chat!
Tonight at 6-9pm CET we are doing a live demo party & AMA We demo rundown of all features and you can ask questions on everything around Memex or our business/investment model. Drop by in our Zoom Call or with Youtube Live (TBA):
Here is the Youtube Live link:
This product has it right in so many ways, unobtrusive and yet powerful and flexible enough to save your late night browsing blur for another day. and steered only by user, built by a team that cares. finally a win-win 2.0!
Please add a safari extension!
@tafkaf Unfortunately this is more complicated/impossible. Safari does not support the APIs Memex needs to work properly. It's one of the few browsers that does not support the Web Extension API standard. It would require us to rebuild Memex in a completely different way, which we don't have the resources for :(
@oliversauter thanks for the answer. I already guessed it was a restriction by the safari extension system.
Wow this is such a nice way to wake up! You're developing in an impressive way and there's so much potential to this and the core engine Storex 😍 I'm so glad you're keeping up the great work. 🚀