Own & monetize your memes, with the power of Blockchain & AI

MemesChain is a platform that helps you own and monetise πŸ’° your most creative memes, using the power of blockchain and AI.

πŸ’° from your memes either by meme auction or ads. πŸ’―

The single truth concept of the blockchain and the power of AI to detect same or similar memes, allows you to be extremely sure of your memes not being plagiarised. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜»

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22 Reviews2.6/5
This is absolute genius
@suparchie Thanks @suparchie! Waiting to see all the dank memes you own! :)
This is the best shit i have seen in the entire cryptocurrency space
@beenjamemes your username 😻 ... Cant wait to checkout your most creative memes :)
This is what the world needs! To the moon Biatches. 😁
@neerajt4 😸 We are dropping whale wars and $$ next week. To mars :)
Only problem is that by generating revenue, this makes all memes from movies illegal to use and distribute. It's no longer fair use.
@erickbarron86 Probably when that problem arrives, we can work towards a solution. But, Il keep that in mind.
When does GifChain come out?
@daviswbaer Hey, in the coming weeks, we are adding support for GIF's. You can upload a GIF with max file size of 5 MB.