Memento Mori

A little stoic reminder page

Memento Mori is a little countdown to add as your homepage to remember life is short.

It is inspired by @patrickc from Stripe who told he set a countdown until his death on his computer.

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Hello PH! I want to show a little project that I made. It is about the practice of Memento Mori (remember that you are mortal) which is a concept I discovered in Stoic philosophy. Your time here is limited, so you better make it count. Also since hit will be all over soon, don’t take yourself too seriously. I wanted to build a frequent reminder that I could set as my browser’s homepage. Then I read that @patrickc, CEO of Stripe, has a countdown on his computer counting down the time he has to live. So I built Memento Mori in the form of a countdown. Do you like it? How can I improve it?
Great idea but why does the timer count down from 3 hrs or so. Do you know something I don't?
@petecodes Haha I just set a date at random and it's the same for everyone (but depends on local time settings). I just obfuscated the days because no one knows. Does this bother you?
@wimgz it would be cool if you could put in your age and say subtract that from say, 80, although that might be too morbid for some people :)
@petecodes Yes I thought about that and maybe it will be a feature someday. I wanted to go simple (because I'm a JS noob) so I set the same date for everyone.
@petecodes good point about the morbidity too, I wanted to avoid that, and that's why there is no skull on the page
As soon as I saw this I also thought of @patrickc as he famously said this is his laptop background screen... have you noticed any changes in your daily life since counting down to death in such an in-your-face way, or do you become desensitized to the timer after time @wimgz?
Hey good point @abadesi ! I got indeed used to it a little bit. But since I have it on every new tab, it's hard to escape. I cannot open a blank Google tab, the countdown is here. Before I start typing Facebo... the countdown is already loading. The sound helps 😉

thanks for making this


cool product


Would like to customise the Time counting

Is there a chrome extension for this?