Memento is a modern take on everyday reminders. The interface is optimized to be fluid and simple, allowing you to easily keep track of what's important. You can create lists to help organize your reminders, and add time or location alerts to make sure you don't forget them.

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Hello again Product Hunt! I’m back again for the 3.0 launch of Memento (previously Reminder). I’ve been hard at work on a bunch of cool features, and I can definitely say this is the best version of the app yet. Here’s a quick list of what has been added since version 2.0: - App renamed to Memento - Apple Watch app (including full complication support) - Custom time alert presets - Keyboard shortcuts for iPad - Siri and Siri Shortcuts support - iMessage app - 3D Touch preview in app on reminder cells - Automatic Dark Mode - Improved app theming - More powerful notifications, showing list, notes, alarms, maps, and useful actions - Ability to configure which browser to open URLs in - Handoff support (start creating a reminder on your iPhone, and transfer it to your iPad) - Option for displaying reminders in a vertical list instead of a grid - Default alerts for Lists - Tappable links in notes (phone numbers, locations, dates, URLs, etc) - View completed reminders - More notification sounds - More reminders in Today Widget - For You shows the day of the week - For You shows colored dot indicating the List it belongs to - Dynamic Type support (can increase and decrease the text throughout the app in the iOS Settings App) - View account that each List belongs to - Polish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese (Traditional), Persian Localization - Fixed a bunch of crashes and bugs As usual, here’s a bunch of Promo codes! Please let me know when you use one 😊 L3YH6NKWKYW9 L66J4K73RXHA LJ4NMMEE6RLJ WYR9X9F9KAJ9 X6WT3F77A46P 4N33LKEH347Y KE7Y3WWYTTLX FPKWXTMM9R4X FYYAE6HKWLF6 N6Y73H6FNYPJ AMWEPW33LFJ7 XPY9R3WH49KY N3FJFRHEEMAL HWHJ449PLRP9 RRXWEJWP4WJW
@mpdifran L3YH6NKWKYW9 Thank you.
@mpdifran love the new name! Way more memorable than before. And used FPKWXTMM9R4X
@mpdifran Thanks a lot! I used L66J4K73RXHA
I love the new name!
@linogrubben Thanks! Love your rename as well!
Great design and the ux looks very usefull! One thing: the website could look a lot cleaner if you align the logos of Product Hunt and such better and change them to monochrome ones I think. Congrats on the launch!
@mpdifran what was reason for name change?
@jamesmudgett better ASO and Siri functionality.
Really like the design, all codes are used but this is an app that’s worth the 4€ pricetag. Would be awesome to have a Mac app as well.
@maffiskywalker It's in the works! Beta for the macOS app will be coming soon.
@maffiskywalker follow Memento on Twitter for beta details in the next few days.
Great work! Unfortunately, I mIssed the earlIer codes... Any chance there happens to be one more promo code? 👍
@jshblntn so sorry, I’m all out of codes!