Memefy This

Make memes online instantly

The ultimate meme machine in form of a chrome-extension for making instant memes online. This is dedicated to those people who can’t live without memes.


  • Martin Jeret
    Martin JeretProduct 4 life




    maybe include a modular when you press the extension on the google chrome bar that explains how it works for those that are new and haven't seen the pics in your description.

    Martin Jeret has used this product for one day.
  • kushagra gour
    kushagra gourA creative Human!

    Best tool out there. Super easy to use!


    Its for Chrome. Nothing else I can see.

    I haven't seen a much easier app to right away create memes from any image on your browser screen.

    kushagra gour has used this product for one week.
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Ashish Bardhan
Ashish BardhanMaker@creativebakchod · Senior Software Engineer, Wingify
Hey PH-ers! I’m one of those guys who love sharing and making memes. I’ve used many tools for making memes online. But none of them were able to make memes instantly like an Instagram story. So, I’ve finally made a product which solves the problem. This chrome-extension helps you making instant memes online and making our lives easier. All you have to follow the four basic steps: 1. Right-click select 'Memefy This Image’ option on any image file present on the website, 2. Add some text at the top and bottom, 3. Change size and position of your texts, and 4. Download your generated meme. That’s it, folks! Hope this application saves your precious time and encourages in making more memes. If you find it useful (I bet you will :P), show your support by all means: - Share this app on all social platforms as much as possible. - Follow @MemefyThis on Twitter for more updates and share your memes created from my app. - Send feedbacks/suggestions with love or hate by tweeting to yours truly a.k.a The Savior Meme-Maker. Moreover, this is an open-source project. You can contribute on Github: Very excited to read suggestions, comments, feature requests. Do share your memes generated from this extension. :)
Nitesh Manav
Nitesh Manav@niteshmanav · Just google : Nitesh Manav
@memefythis @creativebakchod This is amazing Ashish and extremely simply :) Feedback: 1. People usually have tendency to click on "Chrome extension logo" to make their app work. This is what I did first as well ( before reading your comment here.) So, it's better to add this 4-steps tutorial there whenever somebody clicks on 'memefy this' logo on chromebar. 2. If there can be a way to resize image or at least set a width of image to 600px or something while maitaining the aspect ratio, it can be super awesome. :) Cheers, Nitesh
Ashish Bardhan
Ashish BardhanMaker@creativebakchod · Senior Software Engineer, Wingify
Hi @niteshmanav Thanks for your valuable feedback. I'm including this under my fixes and will give you an update into it sooner. I hope you're having fun with this application in the meantime. Moreover, you can also contribute or raise issue on its repo (link already been mentioned)
Martin Jeret
Martin Jeret@martin_jeret · Product 4 life
@memefythis @creativebakchod hey man, could you please add the option to put a frame around the picture and add the text there? you know the black one
Ashish Bardhan
Ashish BardhanMaker@creativebakchod · Senior Software Engineer, Wingify
@memefythis @martin_jeret What black one? Can you share some examples?
Martin Jeret
Martin Jeret@martin_jeret · Product 4 life
Rachit Gulati
Rachit Gulati@squiroid · FrontEnd Developer
Super easy to use and nicely crafted :) Let's "Memefy" all the images on web :)
Ashish Bardhan
Ashish BardhanMaker@creativebakchod · Senior Software Engineer, Wingify
@3e524d8efcce4ba That's right bro! Make this cruel world "Memefied" again!
Kristijan Arsov
Kristijan Arsov@kristijan94 · Digital Marketing Samurai
kushagra gour
kushagra gour@chinchang457 · A creative Human!
Super easy to create memes from any images in your Chrome browser tab.
Dheeraj Joshi
Dheeraj Joshi@dheerajhere · Software Engineer, Wingify
This is cool stuff. Thanks for creating this.