Meme Party

A mobile party game for competitive memecraft.

Meme Party is a mobile app that connects users through competitive meme creation! In parties of 3+ people, users create memes given a randomly selected template under time pressure, vote on the best submissions, and accumulate points over multiple rounds.
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@damjanski Glad you like our app! :)
Hey ! Wanted to try out this app, as a maker... but mostly as a meme person. Me and my friends had a lot of fun, the creativity it generates is awesome. The process is really cool. We usually had chat going on a computer, and the app in our hands. Couple of things to make the experience better tho :) - When everyone submitted, the app should go on and start the votes, sometimes we wait 2mn when we have all finished - The meme selection could be larger, but the idea of having Themes is awesome. I'm sure you're already working on that anyway. - When you're typing text, usually thinking of some clever lines, you can't see the timer. This happened several times where me or one of my buds would not see the end of the countdown and lose the round because of it (at least on my phone, an XS) - Would be cool to review all the memes created at the end and save them individually Also a few UX tweaks to think about in the next revisions but otherwise, pretty great!! Works fine. Is a lot of fun. Bravo
With the right strategy I can easily see this becoming the next Dubsmash or HQ, popularity-wise.
@josselinco We're glad you enjoyed the app! And thank you SO much for the feedback! We're sorry about the rounds not ending once everyone submits, that is actually something we have programmed and it looks it's not functioning properly so that's great to know. Your other suggestions are awesome and we will be taking them into account for sure.
Epic app by an awesome team!
@sawyer_billings1 Thank you so much, we're so glad you love the app!