Meme Generator Bot

A meme generator for Facebook Messenger

My experience with 90% of the bots out there so far: Start it, type something, bot doesn't do what it's supposed to do, get angry for wasting my time, kick it. My experience with the meme generator bot: Start it, type something, think "holy shit this thing does exactly what I wanted it to do", smile, rinse and repeat.
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@oliverlukesch I totally agree with you
@oliverlukesch No, I sent 4 messages, none of them got replied. The last message I sent is: Are you there?
@rankun203 Jep, unfortunately the success on PH seems to have killed the bot :) Let's hope it's back again soon.
A great example for a very useful bot that just replaced an 80mb app on my iPhone.
@__tosh thanks for hunting! Just hacked that together on 2 evenings this week. I'm here to answer all questions related to this bot. Happy to hear about feature requests/ideas or just general feedback :)
This is one of the few bots I'd actually use :) ... ...IF it would allow me to upload my own images! :)
Omg, the bot is so much better to use than all the meme websites! Beware @yodeltalk team, a lot of memes are coming!
I agree with all my fellow hunters, this bot is pretty cool! And really easy to use! Well done!