Crowdsourced 'best of' lists from people within 7 miles.

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Hi Product Hunters, Thrilled to be here! Membo is a collection of ‘best of’ lists featuring answers generated by users from within 7 miles of you. Think Thrillist meets Yik Yak--helping you get a sense for the tastes & trends wherever you are. We like to think of it as the world’s largest search for the ‘best of.’ It’s very similar to how you hunt a product on PH :). As tastemakers and influencers yourselves, we’d love your input, both on the app and your favorite spots, activities & places in your area. The more you hunt & participate, the more your distinction within the community goes up. Happy to answer any questions. Let us know what you think! P.S. Spots only has SF-based places for now, but come next week, there will be places worldwide, so be sure to download the update.
Hey everyone, Very excited to be featured on Product Hunt. I've been a longtime fan and it's been a joy to see and experience all the cool products that have debuted here. We're really honored to receive feedback from the PH community. Looking forward to answering any and all questions you send our way. Thanks for your support, Colin
Yay! We've been featured. Big thanks to @rrhoover and the rest of the PH team. We're excited to get this into the hands of the amazing community here. You can follow us on twitter @joinmembo @willreevessays @frhsays for more awesomeness.