Pin photos to 3d space with augmented reality

#4 Product of the DayAugust 27, 2017

Membit Geo-Locative Photosharing with a new, patented form of Augmented reality that lets anyone create very precisely placed placed AR without a marker. Share the past with the present, and share the present with the future.

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  • kydyCurious tech soul

    Amazing concept


    Nothing so far

    It is a very interesting app, have a lot of potential.

    kydy has used this product for one day.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Membit looks like Timehop, Foursquare, and AR had a baby. Very interesting approach to recording and discovering photos. The big opportunity comes when people wear some form of a headset, dramatically reducing the friction to consume and create. 😎
Karina MitchellMaker@vtvart · Artist & Membit person
@rrhoover yes Membit could be that secret love child. Totally agree about the future of frictionless mobile AR with headsets.
_J_C_@jamescampbell · CTO, DGI
@vtvart we are all going to be wearing headsets? Seems like a waste of reality. But I guess they said that about TV, radio, telephones, etc.
Karina MitchellMaker@vtvart · Artist & Membit person
@jamescampbell I think it depends what the motivation is for users to adopt it. If a bike traveler wants HUD styled hands free directions: yes helpful and amazing. If a tourist only sees advertisements and billboards and no meaningful content: not so motivating.
Jay Van BurenMaker@cjayvanburen · CEO, and
@vtvart @jamescampbell I believe and hope that digital augmentation can actually help you appreciate reality more here's how :
_J_C_@jamescampbell · CTO, DGI
@vtvart yes that is a great point, especially I see a natural path to adoption for bike travelers, makes total sense to adopt a helmeted bike rider to add more data to their ride experience. Thanks for the insight.
Jay Van BurenMaker@cjayvanburen · CEO, and
Membit is the only augmented reality app that lets anyone create precisely aligned augmented reality anywhere without a marker