Membit Geo-Locative Photosharing with a new, patented form of Augmented reality that lets anyone create very precisely placed placed AR without a marker. Share the past with the present, and share the present with the future.

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Membit looks like Timehop, Foursquare, and AR had a baby. Very interesting approach to recording and discovering photos. The big opportunity comes when people wear some form of a headset, dramatically reducing the friction to consume and create. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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@rrhoover yes Membit could be that secret love child. Totally agree about the future of frictionless mobile AR with headsets.
@vtvart we are all going to be wearing headsets? Seems like a waste of reality. But I guess they said that about TV, radio, telephones, etc.
@jamescampbell I think it depends what the motivation is for users to adopt it. If a bike traveler wants HUD styled hands free directions: yes helpful and amazing. If a tourist only sees advertisements and billboards and no meaningful content: not so motivating.
@vtvart @jamescampbell I believe and hope that digital augmentation can actually help you appreciate reality more here's how :
@vtvart yes that is a great point, especially I see a natural path to adoption for bike travelers, makes total sense to adopt a helmeted bike rider to add more data to their ride experience. Thanks for the insight.
Membit is the only augmented reality app that lets anyone create precisely aligned augmented reality anywhere without a marker

It is a very interesting app, have a lot of potential.


Amazing concept


Nothing so far