Twitter for short audio recordings (aka micro-podcasting)

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@Legendary_Shane - True! I use Umano all the time, passively listening to articles and blog posts while cooking, getting dressed, showering, etc. Here's a quick thought: What if what you recorded, automatically went online without previews or confirmation? By removing peoples' ability to "perfect" their recordings and accept real, unedited audio, you may encourage more creation. Additionally, you may want to explore private messaging (perhaps one-to-many, a la Snapchat). I'm riffing here without knowing your vision or target audience but curious to hear your thoughts and other ideas you've considered.
@Legendary_Shane Digging the app! Pretty entertaining. Agree about the passiveness of being able to listen and relax a bit
Shane here, co-founder of Melt. AMA :)
Welcome, @Legendary_Shane! I briefly played with the app earlier today. I have some initial thoughts but curious where the inspiration for it came from. Why did you build it?
@rrhoover Initially, we were just recording personal voice memos on SoundCloud. We started sharing some of them to Facebook and to our surprise, got pretty strong reception. We spent two weeks building a very minimal iPhone app to use with our friends and have been iterating and growing since.