Celebrating 100 000 downloads. Being created for composers and musicians, Melody Composer Squared also provides answers to curiosity minds what’s the secret of Music. Music is consideration of the math proportions between sounds, enriched with human feelings, so one person can decode feelings of another.

You can draw a melody right now.

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Looks intriguing 👀 What exactly do these visual graphs convey about any song, @karnaukhov?
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@amrith The most popular melodies show structures associated with an object (geometrical shape, a flower, and even a face). So you can create a hit, a song that easy memorable, thanks to its symmetry or shape-like melody lines. Another potential here is to create a melody that has a clear image inside. For example, a song about a girl can depict a girl in the diagram. Also, we can describe new techniques for composers for creating a song, a chorus, and ideas for an arrangement of the song.
Looks great! Going forward with this instrument
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I dj as a hobby and this is like magic✨
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@md5sha1 Thank you very much! It's nice to have such feedback from you!
This is really cool, a great way to get into making music for people who can't read notation and also helpful for composers needing a bit of inspiration. Would you consider including the option to import images to the diagram which could be traced over?
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@thecantsleepapp Thank you for the feedback and the question! For the method is very important a position of an object on the diagram. If an image is drawn in a square (or some photo cropped as a square), we can create an algorithm to "translate" an image into sounds. But many photo-images are chaotic (no good composition, lighting or color) and a result can disappoint a user. So I think it's the good feature for the future when the core idea of "building" a melody will be adopted by a majority of musicians.
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