A window manager app using shortcuts for macOS

Melisandre app is a window manager app to control other app's window using shortcut.

You can find a window, move, resize it using shortcuts defined by yourself...

Melisandre has time-unlimited Free Trial and allow Pro features, you can try it now.

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A window “Manger” hehehe Looks good, will have to give it a try.
This is a fairly saturated market already but this seems like it distinguishes itself by giving you keyboard shortcuts to manipulate the windows on a pixel by pixel basis. What is the use case for this?
Good stuff! I would recommend if you say Free Trial that you allow the Pro features. Either way, just purchased this -- thanks!
@kevinyun Thanks for your suggestion. I have added it to the app description.
Pros: able to let you move and resize your screens to the left/right/top/bottom half in a flash by hitting certain key combination. Cons: free version is a disaster for Illustrator heavy users. Cmd+Shift+O is Make Window Narrower for Melisandre while it's Outline Texts for AI.
Perfect name for the app.. great sense of humour.