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Vote on a daily question based on today's top news story

Hello PH, Kevin MacPherson here, one of the two co-founders at Melee. A big shout-out to @itsthisjustin for hunting us! Melee was built under three principles: 1) We represent the collective. Current news feeds and comment sections represent us individually. 2) Ask unbiased questions and never takes sides. Different sources are used every day. 3) A question shouldn’t rely on how many followers a profile can amass to see it. No sign-up required. Melee is an opinion platform driven by today’s news. Each morning, we send users a daily question in three categories: News, Sports, Culture. View today’s question, learn about it, and tap to vote. Results show immediately after. We’re an army of two looking to improve our product, one day at a time! We are all ears to any feedback, comments, or even questions you’d like to see on Melee. Cheers!
Caught wind of Melee a week ago and really dig the news + engagement model they have built. It's a great differentiator from other news apps and they've nailed the UX by limiting the categories and promoting only 1 question a day. There's a lot of room for this to grow. Excited to see where it goes.
Been using Melee for a few months and find the content to be very engaging, yet simple enough to want to use the app each day. I have also been enjoying the video capability that was recently rolled out. Looking forward to seeing how this app grows.
@mike_macpherson Thanks for the kind words Mike - glad you like the video rollout!