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Well, that was fast. For context if you've been off the internet for the past 24 hours:
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@rrhoover "Move fast and break things!" - Melania Trump
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@theconorbrowne "build it and they will come" - Melania Trump
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@rrhoover "E = MC^2" - Melania Trump
@rrhoover As an aside. I once wanted to make an app where you could falsely attribute quotes to yourself. If you got it on that site, "you were the origin" of the quote.
@rrhoover "Give me liberty or give me death"
It seems wrong to make a product that publicly shames someone. This is coming from someone who in no way supports Trump.
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@avizuber it's calling out plagiarism for what it is. In the real world, there are consequences for such actions. Are you saying no one should call out plagiarists?
@andreioprisan Sure, but then let's make sure we call out everyone including Michelle Obama who "borrowed" parts of her speech during the Democratic convention. Once you start it will never end so let's just not start here, at least.
@fbara can you actually cite the claim that you just made or are you just trolling? If you can actually find such evidence, I will make that site/Chrome extension for you, to balance things out. If not, let this sit here for others to bask in your hypocrisy and judge your claims publicly.
@andreioprisan @avizuber so you think the right thing to do is publicly shame and call a woman stupid? do you consider yourself a gentleman?
@kurtybot @avizuber I think the right thing to do publicly when your spouse runs for the highest public office in the US is open them up for scrutiny, scrutiny that they knew they were going to get, and thought they were going to get away with blatant plagiarism? I didn't call anyone stupid, I just called her a plagiarist and a liar, which is factual: she lied about her writing the speech "with as little help as possible" (http://www.today.com/news/melani...), which turned out to be a lie, as her speech writer wrote it and offered to resign (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/m...). Or you perhaps like for your public officials to plagiarize and lie when caught red-handed line by line for lifting entire passages for a speech? Because that's what gentlemen do, instead of helping expose them and keep them accountable..
So petty.
@bitler calling out plagiarism for what it is is petty? Interesting definition you got there, buddy.