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Meja is a place to pitch ideas and get feedback. A place for creative people like you. Find your early-adopters and your new team mates!

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Nice, @satwaya! Suggestion: have you considered adding more structure to the pitch? Currently you offer a free form text field, which provides the most flexibility but it may result in rambles or less useful pitches. An alternative approach could be asking pitchers to describe WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY questions. E.g. "Who is this for? What does it do? Where can they use it? Why would they use it?"
Joshua Tabakhoff
Joshua TabakhoffMaker@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
@rrhoover like the idea, what do you think if we add a description displayed on the card (with a limited numbers of characters) and like you say, when you open the card a more complex description with WHO/WHAT/WHERE/WHY/HOW?
Joshua Tabakhoff
Joshua TabakhoffMaker@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
Hey guys! I’m Joshua the cofounder of Meja with Samuel. We are 17 this year and we started making websites together at the age of 11. At this time, we were afraid about sharing product ideas: « Somebody is going to steal our idea and build it faster with more money » but after reading on Medium, we finally discovered that everybody is in the same situation and one idea leads to different products. Also, pitching to our family wasn’t a good reaction, they were always saying « Love the idea you should build this » or « Awesome! » We had the idea few years later, back to the end of 2015, but didn't do nothing. Then we discovered a great product, doing quite the same thing. Sadly, it closed earlier this year and I got nothing to share my ideas and get constructive feedback so we decided to build a new product! We started a month ago with an MVP and in two weeks we built a new version of the platform now available! Being able to find new team members or simply getting in touch with people like us, sharing their ideas, is one of the most important thing. Soon we’re going to post the whole story on Medium. Hope you will love Meja and give true feedback about it, see you there!
Manoj Kumar V
Manoj Kumar V@tweetmanojv · Digital Ad Operations
Hey Josh, Samuel, Well done & congratulations! I checked out the site and i like the simplicity/minimalist approach you have in terms of design. Did you guys build the whole website yourself? In terms of concept, I like that too. Sometimes, you have these ideas in your head and you just want to tell someone about it. To make it successful you will eventually need a lot of people to contribute their feedbacks. I agree with Ryan regarding asking pitchers. Perhaps you can ask 3 questions to make it quick for the contributor: (A) What is your idea (150 words) (2) Who is the target audience (3) How did you come up with the concept. That's it from me :) All the best and i shall sign-up too!
Joshua Tabakhoff
Joshua TabakhoffMaker@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
@tweetmanojv Hello! So sorry to answering you so late.. Thank you for your feedback! Yes we made the whole website by ourselves, what you're saying about the questions is great. We're currently working on some new features such as Meja Boards (more soon 🤐). We didn't build the questions system yet but what we want to do is to let user choose between free pitch or guided pitch. Everytime you have an idea feel free to share it on Meja, no idea is stupid! :)
Adrien JOLY
Adrien JOLY@adrienjoly · Web developer + JS teacher.
Now that Pitchcard is gone, Meja is the place to share ideas and get constructive feedback before actually developing them!
Joshua Tabakhoff
Joshua TabakhoffMaker@satwaya · Student, crafting Walk
@adrienjoly Thank you for your feedback, Adrien! Can't wait to see your ideas on Meja! :)