MegaMaker - EP22 - "Anxiety society"

How to reduce maker anxiety + talking to real humans

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The hardest part about making stuff: YOU EVENTUALLY HAVE TO SHOW IT TO REAL PEOPLE. How can you reduce the anxiety? You have to get out of the building and talk to human beings. This episode features audio clips from @sachagreif @iamashley @robotpony @_J_Palm @jonfriesen and more! (you can listen on iTunes as well)
As an aside - this just made my day: @sammyschuckert and @bensufiani meet randomly at a conference in Germany because @bensufiani is wearing a MegaMaker t-shirt!
@mijustin @sammyschuckert @bensufiani you guys do any events around boston / new england?
@mijustin @sammyschuckert It was totally a secret handshake moment ... like ... Whaaaat, you toooo? :D
@jeffrey_wyman @mijustin @sammyschuckert We are from Cologne, Germany so it's kind of a long walk to Boston. If we are nearby, we'll come by for sure.