MegaMaker - EP21 - "Eat the chocolate hobbit cake"

If you want people to care, you've got to be in their top 3.

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Why don't people care about what you've made? That's the topic for this episode. You can also listen on iTunes. (aaaaand easter eggs are back!)
@mijustin lol. Listen all the way through... 😱
@mijustin Thanks for the Music for Makers shoutout — 'twas a fun Easter egg! 😉 Great episode, too. Your top three theory is spot on.
MegaMaker Mental Missels: - "When creating a thing…you need to think of a way so that you can you position it as somebody's 'top 3'?" Boom! - "…go talk to real human beings about your idea. Get out of your basement. Get out of your office. Talk to people who might benefit from what you're making!" - "We _need to_ risk talking to people who might consume our art." - "Having a better understanding of human beings is the pathway to making better things." Great one @mijustin! 🤘 Now I want to go build something! _Runs off to talk to strangers..._