MegaMaker - EP20 - "Maker mob"

Ever heard of a flash mob? What if we did that for makers?

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Justin Jackson
Every day I get emails from makers who have just created their first "thing." A few of these are exceptional. The maker has clearly put in a ton of time and effort into creating a high quality project. Often, these are tiny products. They started small, shipped it, and are looking for their first customers. The hard part is trust. People don't know them yet, so they don't trust them. To get traction, you need people to buy your thing, use it, and tell others about it (this is what builds trust). But if people don't know who you are, they're not willing to take that initial plunge. I have an idea.. MAKER MOB.
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Chris Enns
Podcast Producer/Editor for Hire
Thanks for having me on the show Justin!