MegaMaker - EP11 - "Let's get weird"

Justin texts 150 strangers, and reveals how they replied.

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Lately, the web has felt more and more homogeneous. Everything looks the same: clean lines, lots of white space, similar typefaces. There's an intense desire to make everything perfect. The problem is that perfectionism can be restrictive. It can hold us back from experimenting, and trying new things. In this episode, I wanted to explore that tension. (I also reveal an experiment where I text messaged 150 strangers from the internet. You can see their responses here and here) Listen on Overcast or listen on iTunes.
@mijustin awesome episode. Loved getting to experience the excitement of receiving those SMS responses in real-time, and hearing the blog post narrated by its author. This was my first MM episode listen—high quality, creatively formatted work, will definitely listen again!
@bcjordan thanks so much Brian! (Btw - that comment would make a great iTunes review. 😉)