MegaMaker - EP06 - "What makes a great shirt?"

How can we make t-shirts that people actually want to wear?

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Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
I get so many bad startup t-shirts. I feel bad, because people paid money to make + ship me something that I'm never going to wear. In this episode, I tackle the question: "How can we make t-shirts that people actually want to wear?" You'll learn how to make your own t-shirts, and also watch as I launch my own t-shirt brand. The official MegaMaker t-shirt launch will be on Saturday's episode! (You can listen + review on iTunes here) Question of the day: What is your favorite startup t-shirt? Mine is one by Invision:
Stuart of Vacord
Stuart of Vacord@vacord · Founder,
This is a quick and fun podcast. I love that you're talking about quality tshirts, as there are so many lousy ones out there. We focus on printing soft shirts with soft ink at