MegaMaker - EP04 - The world is creative

The MegaMaker burrito gets added to the menu at a restaurant

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Hamish Macpherson
Front-end Engineer @ Buffer
I've never been more excited about a burrito in my life. #justinsburrito
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Justin Jackson
Of all the things I've made (software, apps, books) I think this is one of the most challenging. For the podcast's first "maker mission" I challenged myself to make a burrito, and get it on the menu at a local restaurant. This is outside my comfort zone in all sorts of ways: I'm a terrible cook, I'm most comfortable typing on a keyboard, and I know nothing about a restaurant works. You'll have to listen to hear what happens next. ;) (BTW: the show is now live on iTunes. Give it a review if you like it!)
Levi Kovacs
Building @mobiscroll
I love the burrito challenge and the fact that there are so many similaraties between how we make and sell the digital products that we usually do and these non-tech products. I also belive that this is a great way to learn from outside the bubbles that we live in.