MegaMaker - Can we run a warehouse out of our garage?

Authors don't make much money. Is there a better way?

The general consensus is that authors don't make much money. But in 2012, I met a young designer who figured out a better way. This week on the show we'll be exploring the world of writing and self-publishing. (Plus, find out if I get to run a warehouse out of my garage) Listen in iTunes here
@mijustin love the quick wife response LOL. Side note - the closing segment is always hilarious. Nice way to keep listeners around through the entire episode!
@jus10mcgill thanks man. Glad you're liking those easter eggs. ;) (Definitely my favorite part of the show)
The intro music gets me every damn time. \m/
@justinabrahms me too. ;) Please thank Striker on Twitter!
These episodes just get better and better!
@brandonb927 Thanks Brandon. It's always hard to know when you're producing them. ;)
Great way to highlight how when proving out a concept you don't need to figure everything out at start. +1 on breaking things up on how to optimize (learning about shirt sizes). Every time when starting something new, figure out a framework to learn!