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Great episode. Love that there are more people talking about being purposeful about where you want to go and the other potential routes to get there.
"The idea is to not get too popular." This episode explores a tension I've been thinking about for awhile. Every vertical has it's own unicorn that people aspire to. In startups it's Zuckerberg. On YouTube it's Casey Neistat. In rock 'n roll it's the Rolling Stones. But is that what we really want?
BTW - that interview I refer to (with Fat Mike) is here on Now Toronto
@mijustin thank you *so much*​ for saying "we're not all going to be able to do this" out loud, with no qualifications, in your latest podcast. In a world full of "...and you can do it too!" I think that dose of reality is desperately needed, and I thank you for going there.
@chris_hawk Sweet man! I'm glad it resonated with you. I think waaaayyy more of us will be able to be more like NOFX and MXPX, than the Rolling Stones or the Beatles. And maybe, just maybe, we'll be better for it? πŸ€”
Great episode Justin. Loved it a lot.