MegaMaker - 28: "Stay Hungry"

Do you know about the Desperation Scale™?

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Listeners asked me to be more honest about the struggle. So here it is. I love the line @FredRivett found: "Building your own stuff is an incremental freedom."
Listened to this on my commute in this morning. The point that stood out most to me was: "Building your own stuff is an incremental freedom." 🔢 This is such an important point, and one that so many makers are either ignorant of, or ignore. I know I did for many years. We shoot for the stars from day one, or quit our jobs and go all in, but we've not even learnt to ship anything yet, let alone grow something. Stop trying to do everything at once. Take steps. Take your _next_ step. @mikeaag & I wrote about this a bit in "Have long term goals in mind, and short term goals in focus." Great episode @mijustin 🔥
@fredrivett thanks so much!