MegaMaker - 041 - Addicted to progress ⚡️

Everyone dreams of a better life. But how do you achieve it?

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Loved this episode. I feel like I learned more about your motivation in this episode than ever before. :)
Another great episode @mijustin! I like the way you reflect on yourself. It takes a lot to get to the point where you realize your motivations and underlying wishes to find your way to become lucky with what you are doing for your living. Listening to your thoughts help me to continue reflecting on myself. Thanks! And @bensufiani: Man you are on @producthunt again! #MegaMakerFame 🎉
@sammyschuckert thanks! My hope is the show provides a useful perspective on making an independent living from the things we create. Yes! I'm trying to use photos of MegaMakers in the wild, and I loved that one of @bensufiani ;)