Personalized, celebrity video marketing simplified

Megabiz is a cloud-based video marketing platform offering an exclusive roster of famous celebrities. In a few clicks, create brilliant videos with famous celebrities presenting you and your best customer reviews to the world - and then auto post them to your social media and engage your audience - every month!

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Hi Product Hunt Community! I'm so excited to share this new venture and my first launch with you. Megabiz is a simple to use platform allowing anyone to create a celebrity endorsed marketing video for their business with a personalised review and branding options. We'll be adding a new celebrity every month, auto creating your new video and automatically posting to your selected social channels, automating the process so you don't have to. I'd love to hear your feedback and any suggestion on how we can improve or grow the product. With love, Susan. Thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt.
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This is a really fun idea - would love to see some British celebs on here in the future!
@izaakcrook Hello Izaak. We would love to increase our range of celebrities in the future. At the moment we're focused mainly on US celebrities, but you never know! Watch this space.
@izaakcrook, This is Jude LaCour, founder at, which owns We will be expanding to the UK and EU next year. We would love to work with you. You can join as an affiliate at And, if you have other ideas, please feel free to contact me.

Great idea - eager to see how this develops


Celebrities to promote your business!


Would be great to be able to choose the celebs

Very clever concept indeed!!! But completely agree with you on the selection process... πŸ‘Œ
Interesting idea! It must have been an interesting journey trying to connect celebrities to this app?
@aaronoleary We think so too. If huge brands can use celebrities to endorse their business and products, then why not the small businesses too? It's not the easiest job trying to hunt down celebs, but we have a great network and a great team making it happen. πŸ˜‰
@aaronoleary, convincing the celebrities actually took the most time. It's a new concept which they had not heard of previously. But, we were able to get them by paying them really well. It's expensive for us but we feel it will be worth it for the local businesses.
How cool is this for a SMB to get these videos done for them on auto pilot with real customer reviews and then they auto post to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. SMB's need consistent content and this will be a great tool.
@mikegerard95 Thanks for the support Mike. We hope small businesses feel the same way too.