Mega Man

The original Mega Man for NES now on iOS and Android

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Jyri KilpeläinenCEO & Co-founder at game company Kiemura
You might want to re-think before buying these versions:
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
NOSTALGIA! My favorite part of Mega Man is the game progression and unlocking new abilities... kind of like real life but with fewer plasma cannons.
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Jacob Hobbie
Software Developer/Philosopher
While these games are good, I would recommend staying away from the mobile ports. Slow framerate, bad virtual controls, etc. Especially for a difficult game like Mega Man, these are not good flaws to have.
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Wow the graphics on this game suck
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ArthurIT Consultant/Advisor @ 1 N Only
@gabriel__lewis I hope you're joking about this or are forgetting what platform these were originally on and you're judging the graphics out of context.
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Dre Durr💡
Growth is the only thing that matters
First Mario, Now Zelda... Then only thing I'm missing now is some Duck Hunt and Legend of Zelda
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