A dating app built by psychologists

Meetwo is a dating app that lets you meet your new date by taking a quiz. Take a unique personality test of 10 YES or NO funny and meaningful questions (crafted by a psychologist) and get matched with like minded individuals by passing their tests. Search for single men and women around you, filter by distance and age, and find your ideal match.

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The app looks cool, but you guys should really think about changing your name. 1) My first reaction was why would you name your app after a powerful pokemon lol? (mewtwo) 2) Overlapping pronunciation with the #meetoo movement is very tricky territory given the current social climate
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@fisch0920 thanks for your comment. Ha ha Nice one about the pokemon. That's because we want people to find our app when they search for Mewtwo on stores (yeah, we hacked app stores). You're right about the #meetoo but we already registred the company and protected the name way before the movement. Plus, I guess it is a fashion (it would be unfortunate though) and over time, the movement will lose more and more interest.
@fisch0920 the idea behind the name is double. It means "Meet two" like two people meeting. And "Me too" because it's an app based on same questions answering the Aha moment would be saying "Oh me too!"
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@sebastien_koubar Makes sense -- thanks for answering && good luck with your launch! :)
@fisch0920 Thank you Travis :)
@fisch0920 You said exactly what I was thinking regarding the #metoo movement. The most unfortunate aspect is that as a dating app that would make users feel less safe than ever, and will likely trigger millions of people every time they go to open it.
Hey Everyone! 👋 Thanks for hunting us @15greenberg My partner Ibrahim and I are working on a dating app project since last year and we are happy to launch today, especially on ProductHunt (a great honor for us). Meetwo is a question game dating app, backed by psychologists, which offers a simple and surprising alternative for people tired of the traditionnal dating system. We buck the traditional dating app system in favor of a smart - and truly fun - way to determine compatibility. To do so, we employ psychologists to craft fun, deep and meaningful questions. ---------- When you first joining, you answer 10 YES or No questions about yourself (randomly selected from hundreds) like "Would you give a smartphone to your kif at early age?" or "Do you think that men should always drive?". If someone liked your profile (pics, bio, job...) and would like to talk, they have to pass your test (we select 4 questions out of the 10) and they have to answer the same way you did to, at least, 3 questions. If they succeed, well, there is chemistry and a chat request is sent over to you. Up to you to accept it or not. ---------- I will be personally present on PH during all the day to answer any question you shot at me and of course, to hear your valuable, valuable (and again valuable) feedback about it. Cheers !
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I hope have user engaging with that to be able to see if the quiz approach really works :-)


Pretty interface and fun dynamic to have a match


None at the moment.

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Hi :) Thanks a lot Fernanda for testing our app. It means a lot for us. I am really glad you liked the interface and the dynamic we tried to create. We are still new and as a dating app, it will takes some time before having enough users everywhere. But that's our goal :)
Seems weird that the android app is incompatible with my phone a Pixel XL2. Is it region locked?
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@ejameswill Interesting. I'll speak to my dev team and ask them about. It shouldn't be incompatible and the app is not locked in any specific region. Thanks for telling me :)
@ejameswill @sebastien_koubar Yeah, it's not available on my Samsung Note 8 either.
@ejameswill @chriscchan it's weird. It is not supposed to do that. I will have the answer from the dev team tomorrow. Thanks for telling me anyway.
Iddle connection (nothing happen after the login except an infinite loading loop) ;) – iPhone 6s on latest ios version
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@katrynvonfelsen thanks for your comment. I am sorry for that. Could you please close app and open it again ? Let me know what happens :)
@sebastien_koubar Restarted my phone: negative Reinstalled the app: negative The only thing I can think of is that when I registered with Facebook, I did not gave the app access to the Facebook element that where not required…!
@katrynvonfelsen oh Interesting. I bet that's the reason. Could you please tell me which information you did not accept Meetwo to access ?
@sebastien_koubar I only accepted the one about my age, name, etc. Since it was the only required one and that I'm quite strict about my privacy ;)
@katrynvonfelsen I respect your strictness about your privacy and that's why we use information triggered from your FB, just to setup your profile. I will dig into that issue but yeah, that should not prevent you from accessing the app if you only accepted required info. Thank you for finding that issue :)