Video conferencing for teams that doesn't suck

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Heya Hunters, Founder here! We're remaking video conferencing specifically for teams by making it easy to meet with your coworkers. MeetSpace has better audio quality than hangouts, is fully peer-to-peer for encrypted connections and low latency, and can support a meeting with your whole team. We're in open beta right now, which means everything is unlimited and free! Feel free to ask me anything :) Nick
@ngauthier is this available to use on mobile devices currently? Whether it be app or browser?
@brucekraftjr hey Bruce, No it is not. We're focusing on desktop first since that's the majority of use cases.
@ngauthier ah gotcha, I understand. Thanks.
Nick, Great product. I've only spent a little time with it so far, but it's pretty fantastic and surprisingly fast to begin the meeting (as opposed to hangouts). I haven't yet put a ton of people in one - that's on my list. One question though - how can we get more images of Nick in the marketing materials? Sincerely, ThoughtLeader
@knewter Send images of yourself in MeetSpace, of course! Preferably on Twitter :D
"Video conferencing for teams that doesn't suck" This is very off-putting tagline, imho.
@rrhoover thank you for your opinion! Everything is under consideration, especially so early on. My goal was to hold the company accountable for an experience because that is what people ask for in video conferencing. Is the term "suck" offensive? Or is it the negative contrast of the statement that is uncomfortable?
@ngauthier "suck" focuses on the negative rather than the positive. In comparison, "Video conferencing for awesome teams" sounds more inviting. That said, I'd opt for a tagline that communicates a specific pain point your product solves or describes how it's unique. But you know your customer and business WAY better than me. 😊
@rrhoover got it, thank you! I definitely feel the negativity or the slogan, but simultaneously feel the positive pressure it puts on us as a company. A really common feeling from users I surveyed was pure frustration with current tools, so that is what I as focusing on. As always, feedback and iteration are key!
cool! we'll give it a try! #distributedteam
@kathaka Awesome, let me know how it goes!
Does it use WebRTC?