A free client interface for booking services.

MeetPro is a free app that helps clients to book different kind of services or to set interview meetings to get better jobs from 3 taps on the phone.

Clients can pay for the services inside the app.

Stop loosing time to wait on the phone to announce your visit to saloons, therapy sessions or, in other places.

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I really like the way the app is designed. The UX is just great, really easy to use. PS: the ideea is also great.
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Thank you all for your help! I will answer to any questions you might have.
How do you verify a professional? What credentials does a professional need to be approved for your site?
@nikenn First, Thank you very much for your question. First, in order to be fast and help the professionals to start accept meetings, he/her will confirms that the information submitted about his profession, experience and description is real. Being an app where clients have to meet in person with the professional, at the meeting, the client can ask for more credentials, before starting the meeting. So, even if a professional is dishonest, clients won't start the meeting and he/her gets nothing. However, after we will conduct supplementary researches on social media(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) and we won't find any prove the professional is what is claim to be, we will suspend his account pending further verifications. Also, we have a report button, so if a client is not happy with the professional's behaviour, we will also suspend the payments to professional bank account.

I hope I will find more usera in the app


Usefull and great UX


Like a profile is missing

Great app, cool idea and very easy to use. I love how easy and simple it is to keep tracks on bookings and the fact that payments are instant. The review system is also a nice feature. Oh and the design is beautiful !